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The Numerous potential benefits to having a quality business CCTV system installed for bussiness purpose. CCTV Systems for Office, flat, for public street and Government Buildings. Object Movement Tracking Systems for Shops and Stores, for Car Parks, Schools, Hospitals, gardens. Number Plate Reconigized factories and for another purpose personal attack are protected. The system have ability to protect yourself on health and safety issues. There are so many potential benefits to having a quality business.

CCTV System Do We Require


The type of business you operate, with advances in cctv technology So whether you require car number plates to be recorded as vehicles enter your premises or simply want to monitor staff movements remotely, we can put together a solution that as perfect for your needs. We all qualify your requirements, then work quickly and efficiently to design a bespoke CCTV system that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them. We are based in Oman and predominantly cover Muscat but can work further afield if required. The industry experience supplying and installing CCTV systems for business.

CCTV System Design


If you require auto number plates to be recorded as vehicles enter your premises or just need to screen staff developments remotely, we can assemble an answer that as ideal for your necessities. We straightforward plan of the CCTV framework. We give high determination cameras to the assigned zones which at that point screen and record ceaselessly to the hard drive of an advanced recording system. All pictures are then seen through a screen situated in an assigned region.

Integrated Systems

We are also able to build various type of security systems. Our industry partner can design and install access control systems, cctv camera systems, audio video door phone systems door entry systems, perimeter protection, include alarms and remote monitoring. In short we can help you with any security need that you might have.

Warranty Agreements

All our CCTV systems come with the powerful of mind of a one year warranty agreement. This can be extended after one year. We also offer a good facility. This allows you to pay for the equipment over a fixed period but still obtain ownership at the end of the lease term. Our lease rates are competitive and it as a great way to protect capital expenditure. We are happy to discuss any cctv or security requirements providing a detailed no obligation free of charge.