Automatic Gates Installation in Muscat, Remote Gates, Sliding Gates

Gate Automation System

Mechanized sliding entryways (ordinary) are doors which utilize a ground mounted track for the door wheels to proceed onward. Followed sliding doors can have bigger opening widths. A passerby door can be joined with these sort of entryways or a different person on foot entryway can be constructed.
Company can deliver mechanized sliding entryways according to customer's necessities.


  • Limited space in an entrance,an electric sliding door which takes up little or no room is the ideal solution
  • The driveway entrance turns sharply at right or left direction gate would form an obstruction to the turning vehicle, then an electric sliding gate is the perfect solution.
  • The progress electronic control unit licenses operation time adjustable, timing opening, reflex shutting, well ordered control, stop safety , switch security
    Issue discovery makes the entryway movement stop if an obstacle is recognized.
  • Electric Gates
  • Motors
  • Sliding Gate Operators
  • Sliding Glass Gate Operators
  • Auto Matic Gate Opening System