Fiber Optic Solution, Cabling & Connectors

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Taking care of client issues and provide complete solutions are the key goal of Tasaheel Group Fiber Systems International and reason for our prosperity. Whether the application calls for high precision fiber interconnect or complex optical switching designs, , Tasaheel Group engineers are capable of solving and/or developing fiber optic systems solutions for your applications. Our Company gives a full scope of turnkey services to fit any fiber optic system need. From multistage optical changing frameworks to custom fiber link administration and fiber interconnect cabinets, Our team provide total system solutions for even the most demanding environments. Tasaheel Group offers fiber optic optic solutions that are designed to convey the most network system performance, with an variety of density and connector choices for greatest similarity. Our particular frameworks and products are engineered with installation efficiency and performance in mind, giving you the flexibility to design and efficiently install in any environment. Investigate our item offering, including fiber connectors, tapes and fiber cable assemblies.
Special purpose multi-stage optical switch designs.
Custom optical interconnect design.
High level control interfaces.
Ultra-low return loss optical switches.
Field engineering and training services.
Turn-key systems integration and engineering services.
Integration of optical switches.

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